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Where Coffee, Food & Friends Meet

Locally owned and made on site

Image by Pille R. Priske

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Welcome to
The Arena Café

You ever ask someone to meet you for coffee or lunch but aren't sure where to meet? The Arena Café in downtown McKinney, TX is your answer. We're a trendy cafe with a great selection of coffee and food in a welcoming and laid back atmosphere (and plenty of easy access parking). We want to earn the right to be your other home away from home. We want to make your favorite dishes and drinks. We want to be a part of your day.

We want to be your Café by day.

Coffee Hearts

Good moods, Good foods

Our commitment is to provide you with the experience you need, when you need it, because we've been there too and know what that feels like. 

Need a quick bite? We got you!

Need a place to hang out for a while? We got you! 

Need a shot of caffeine? We got you!

We can't wait to provide you with excellent service, and we don't just mean our free wifi.

Elevate Your Day at The Arena Café

When we Pour,

We Reign.

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